About Us

The Glendora Education Foundation works to provide the best education possible for every student of the Glendora Unified School District.

Statement of Belief

We believe every child deserves the best education possible.

We believe quality education is a foundation for opportunity, growth and success in life.

We believe education prepares students to become productive, confident and responsible citizens who contribute to their communities.

We believe a commitment to continuous enrichment is essential to achieve excellence in education.

We believe strong, healthy public schools contribute to a strong, healthy community.

We believe all students benefit when community, families and schools work in partnership.

We believe the collaboration between the home, the school district, and community has a direct correlation to the quality of the educational system and each student’s experience.

We believe the Glendora Education Foundation works for the benefit of every student of the Glendora Unified School District.

The Pride of the Foothills

Glendora, California and its 50,000 residents take pride in the strong academic tradition of our local public schools. The Glendora Unified School District is known for its commitment to educational excellence and the Foundation works hard to continually seek creative ways to support the future success of our children.

The Challenge

In Glendora, our teachers, principals, and district leaders are working tirelessly to provide the best possible educational experience for our students. Whether they are juggling Common Core State Standards changes, tackling state funding challenges, or dreaming big for the future, our school leaders are doing all they can for our kids. Glendora schools operate with similar financial resources as they did 10 years ago. Although our schools won’t experience any new budget cuts, Glendora’s schools still receive less funding than schools in other most districts.

The Community Response

You play a vital role in the on-going success of our schools. Whether it’s advancing technology, music, or providing college prep programs, a strong community support network is working toward making the educational experience the very best it can be for every student in the Glendora Unified School District (GUSD).

With your help, we can continue to build successful schools and give our kids the opportunities to grow and learn each day. Because of your generous contributions, our schools are able to offer programs that promote educational excellence.