2015-2016 Annual Report

Dear Community, Parents and Friends,

What does education mean to you?

To the Glendora Education Foundation, education is opportunity…empowerment…a path to a dream…and the key to success for our students; and excellence in education is the reason we exist!

Last year, the community partnered with us to raise $357,200 for our schools.  These funds are providing enhanced programs and activities for our students, in their schools, right now.  We continue to work toward providing enrichment for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM), to purchase iPads and Chrome Books, to provide hands-on experiential learning, and much more!

We are extremely proud of these accomplishments; however, achieving an exceptional education means we need to tip the scales from providing a basic education to providing a cutting-edge education for Glendora’s students.  This includes modernizing our outdated classrooms to 21st Century standards.  This will be an added focus as we move forward.

Please partner with us to deliver a cutting-edge, 21st Century exceptional education to our students.  Your donation, no matter what size, makes a difference!  Please make your financial gift today by visiting the website, www.GlendoraEdFoundation.org.  You can also help by attending a Foundation event, or getting involved with the Foundation via the website.  Your participation is vital in providing the best education possible for our students.

Together, we can make it happen.  Thank you!


Daniel Boyer and Elizabeth Reuter

Co-Presidents, Glendora Education Foundation



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