Glendora Student “Germ Busters”: No Germ Is Safe

December 6, 2014 – How many steps does it take to properly wash your hands? If you don’t know the answer then ask any of Glendora Unified’s transitional kindergarteners and kindergarteners (TK-K). They will tell you that the answer is six. There are six steps to properly washing your hands.

germs2Surprised? Well, thanks to the Healthy Living program sponsored by the Glendora Education Foundation, every TK-K student took part in September’s “Germ Busters” lesson. The lesson: become a “Germ Buster” by learning to properly wash your hands in six simple steps.

The steps include: 1) Turn on warm water and wet your hands. 2) Turn off water (so we don’t waste water) and put on soap. 3) Rub soap all over hands for at least 20 seconds. Singing the ABC song is a good way to pass the time. 4) Make sure to scrub in between fingers, under fingernails and wrist. 5) Turn on water and rinse off soap. 6) Turn off water and dry hands.

Melissa Germann, coordinator for the District’s AVID, GATE & Safe Schools Programs, says “Teaching young children about the importance of frequent hand washing is one of the best ways to prevent the spread of germs. Studies continue to show that kids who wash their hands often and at crucial times, such as before meals, are absent far less than those who don’t wash. This becomes even more important as we move into flu season.”


During the lesson, students were able to use a special lotion that stimulates germs and makes them glow when put under a black light. Using the black lights, students were able to see how their hands looked before and after they properly washed them. What a cool and powerful visual for them!

The Foundation would like to thank Christy Jones and her team of volunteers for sharing their talents with our Glendora Students. Jones, who teaches the Healthy Living lessons with the help of parent volunteers, began the lessons nearly a decade ago when she applied for a PTA grant as a volunteer. We appreciate their help in making our students healthy and active “Germ Busters”!

In addition to the “Germ Busters” hand washing lesson, the Healthy Living program includes two lessons for all TK-4 students, with expansion moving into fifth grade next year. Lessons focus on nutrition, hygiene and exercise. The program is always looking for volunteers, especially for grades K-3, so please join our students and become a “Germ Buster” today!


The Glendora Education Foundation is a volunteer group of parents, businesses, and community members committed to providing vital financial support to enrich education in the Glendora Unified School District. The Healthy Living program is made possible by the generous support of donors and volunteers like you. To volunteer with the Foundation, visit today!

The following sites can be helpful in providing information on hand washing and keeping children healthy:

Environmental Working Group: A non-profit site that rates safety of hand soap and other skin care products.

Healthy Child Healthy World: An organization that empowers parents to keep children healthy.

Source: Glendora Student “Germ Busters”: No Germ is Safe – Glendora Education Foundation